Sample Workshops

Here are examples for some of the workshops I offer for homeschooling groups. Each workshop is 4 sessions and 90 minutes long. I can tailor workshops to your individual group needs and curriculum. Please contact me for more information.

Book Review Writing for Homeschool  Students grades 4-8

Students will practice persuasive writing while writing book reviews. They will learn the components of what makes a good review by examining examples of book reviews. Students will learn about the writing process from pre-writing, writing a first draft, editing and writing a final draft. Students will practice writing for a purpose with audience in mind. Students will work on developing their writing voice.

Poetry Writing Workshop ages 7-13

Students will be introduced to poetry terms and elements of poetry. Poems will be used as mentor texts as students read and listen to poems written by Shel Silverstein, Jack Preluscky, James Stevenson, Robert Frost and William Carlos Williams. Students will write poems in the style of these poets as well participate in brainstorming activities to create their own poems. Different forms of poetry will be explored such as cinquains, haiku, limericks, free verse and others.

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